WorkoutTemps provides flexible, innovative health and wellness programs with a diverse offering of classes to meet each client’s needs.

You, the client, work with your WorkoutTemps Account Executive to design a program that’s right for your staff. If you’re not sure where to begin, your Account Executive can provide employee surveys or sample schedules to help you create the right program.

Once your program is designed, one of our stellar WorkoutTemps instructors arrives at your workplace and provides quality dance or fitness classes for your employees. Our instructors are fun, caring, and reliable.

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Yoga in the work place

Here are just a few of the benefits to onsite fitness:

We bring the work out to you

  • Hip Hop Fusion

    Learn basic Hip Hop street dance moves while grooving to popular music. This class is a combination of high energy, low impact and fun.

  • Zumba® Fitness

    World-famous Latin-inspired high-energy dance fitness. Samba, salsa, cumbia, merengue, mambo, bollywood, belly dance, flamenco, reggaeton, hip hop & more!

  • TRX

    Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneous easy to follow progressions.

  • Corporate Yoga

    Creator Anthony Garcia. Instruction is specifically designed to address the needs of those who spend many hours at their desk and on their computers.

  • Caribbean Fit

    A high energy, high impact fat blasting workout inspired by Carnival dances from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Trinidad.

  • World Rhythms

    Sample easy to follow moves from around the world in this fun cardio calorie blaster.

  • Samba Workout

    This class incorporates Samba and Fitness. Fast and energetic cardio fun!

  • Body Conditioning

    Total body conditioning. Combining the principles of interval training to reshape the body and improve movement functionality.

  • Barre Workout

    Get a lean flexible,aligned toned and strong dancers body practicing the rigors of classical ballet barre routines

... and so many more! Get in touch with us to get the full picture

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